Trickster Theatre!!

With the recent move to learning-at-home from May 7-24th, we will need to make adjustments to our Trickster Theatre filming schedule. Stay tuned for details.

Our CTF Videography students have spent the last few weeks connecting with the Trickster Theatre staff and learning how to use all the new equipment that we have available for our upcoming filming projects.  It has been a great challenge for them, learning how to use the video cameras, tripods, lighting systems, microphones, green screens and software programs. The students have until May 6th to work out all the kinks, and then it’s time to get started with filming!

Starting on May 10th, our Trickster Theatre specialists will begin work with our individual classes (virtually) to create their video projects. We have a Google Meet kit that will allow the Trickster Theatre artists and our students to see each other and communicate easily throughout the process.  Each grade will have 3 full classes with the Trickster specialists to put their entire video together.

We have one entire classroom set-up as the central filming location and our different grades have chosen a wide variety of  genres and settings for their videos.  We will have science fiction, mysteries, parodies, documentaries, fairy tales and more. With the help of green screen technology, these videos will take place in magical forests, outer space, scorching deserts and creepy castles. 

Here’s an outline of our upcoming filming schedules:

May 10 – 14


Grades 4/5

Grade 7

May 17 – 20

Grade 1

Grade 2

Grades 8/9

May 25 – 28

Grade 3

Grade 6

CTF Editors

After the filming is complete our CTF students will be doing the preliminary editing. Then the videos will be sent to Trickster Theatre who will perform the final professional edits.  During the second week of June our completed videos will be ready to share out with parents!

Posted on: May 2nd, 2021