Junior High Options

Pembina North Community School offers a wide range of Junior High Options as part of our Career & Technology Foundations Programming.  Our options give our students the opportunity to pursue a variety of different areas of interest.

PNCS 2023-24 Career and Technology Foundations (with Evaluation Rubric).

Alberta Education CTF Program of Studies.

Teacher2023-2024 CTF Options
Mackenzie Dadson

Semester 1: Pinterest-DIY
Semester 2: Inclusivity Project
Semester 3: French
Semester 4: Foods
Semester 5: Outdoor Education
Carling Montgomery

Semester 1: Leadership
Semester 2: Christmas Concert
Semester 3: Drawing
Semester 4: Foods
Semester 5: Photography
Mike Ivey

Semester 1: School Sports
Semester 2: Film Study
Semester 3: Ice Hockey
Semester 4: Fitness
Semester 5: Construction