Daily Announcements

Coming up this week:

Tuesday, Jan 26th: Ice Cream Sale, $2.00 each, no pre-orders, bring money on sale day

Thursday, Jan 28th: Skate-A-Thon!

  • Students will take part in the Skate-A-Thon during their regular Phys Ed class time.

  • Pledge sheets have gone home with students. More are available in the school office, or you can print them off on-line.

  • Please have donations handed in by the end of the day on Jan 28th.

  • We have lots of great prizes lined up!

  • Top individual fundraiser individual gets their choice of stuffy plus a $25 gift card of their choosing. 

  • Top family fundraisers get their choice of stuffies plus a $25 gift card of their choosing.

  • Runner(s) up in these categories also get next dibs on choosing a stuffy from the line-up or choosing a $5 DQ gift card.

  • After that we’ll distribute the rest of the stuffies and DQ gift cards through random draws of anyone who raised $20 or more. 

  • ALSO…. every child that straps on their skates and takes part in their class-time skate-a-thon activities will get a gummy treat

  • AND….anyone who raises $20 or more will get a free ice cream bar at the next ice cream sale coming up in February

  • AND….the class that has the highest total fundraising amount will receive a free hot dog for each student in the class at our next hot dog lunch in February!   

Wowzers!!!  That should be some good incentive to do some serious fundraising!  

Remember, all funds received will go directly to the Dapp Community Council for upkeep, repairs and maintenance of the Dapp Outdoor Rink.  All cheques should be payable to the Dapp Community Council.

Our school is incredibly fortunate to have completely free access to the Dapp Outdoor Rink everyday throughout the winter, so let’s make sure this continues by supporting the rink through this Skate-A-Thon Fundraiser! 

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