Vision & Values

At Pembina North Community School we believe:

  • That students, school staff, parents and community must have high expectations for learning and behaviour.
  • That community, family, and traditions are essential to our Safe and Caring Learning Environment.
  • That clear and purposeful communication between students, school staff, parents and community is fundamental and essential to school success.
  • That rich opportunities in academic programming, fine arts, sports and clubs develop the well-rounded character of our children.
  • That technology is an essential tool that can elevate educational experiences for EACH student in preparation for their future.
  • That special events provide positive memorable experiences for students which build a shared history in the community.
  • In recognizing the traditions of the founding school communities: WR Frose School, Jarvie Junior High School, and Dapp Elementary School.
  • That pride and ownership in our school creates our identity, which will be sustained by parental support and community involvement.

“United We Achieve Excellence”