Wow! The Food Drive totals are in and our PNCS families out-did themselves once again, donating 2637 lbs (1196 kgs) of food! That’s just crazy amazing! Thanks to Westlock Ford for letting us team up with them in the We Scare Hunger Food Drive. They came out and picked up all the food, and also gave us a great gift of 1 dodgeball for every 25 kgs of food we raised. That’s 48 new dodgeballs (worth $500) for our Phys Ed program! The kids were so excited! We live in a fantastic community!

(We were offering a Snake Cake to the class that raised the most kgs/student and the class that raised the most total kgs.  Turns out the Grade 1’s won both categories and the Grade 8’s came in second in both categories, so we’ve decided to  spread the joy and bring a Snake Cake to both the Grade 1’s and the Grade 8’s!)