Trickster Theatre Coming Soon!

Trickster Theatre is a Performance Company that works specifically with schools to produce excellent theatrical productions.

Through a grant from the Alberta Foundation for the Arts, along with extra financial support from our PNCS Fundraising Association, we were able to book our school into a residency program with Trickster Theatre.

Some of our parents and students will remember the Trickster Residency that our school did in 2017.  Our students loved working with this group of very talented professionals and put together a fabulous live performance at the end of one week of intensive work with the Trickster staff.

This residency with Trickster will have a different look to it, but we think it will be just as exciting for our students.  Rather than having a live performance as our final product, Trickster will be helping each of our classes to produce their own video production that will be available for viewing by parents.

The process has already started.  Our Junior High has started a Videography & Movie Making option. Staff from Trickster will be working with these option students via Zoom throughout the month of April to teach them how to video, edit and produce a high quality video product.  They will be using Green Screen Technology along with brand new video equipment and editing tools.

In May, the rest of our students will start their video productions.  Each class will choose a unique topic and genre.  Trickster will work with the teachers and students via Zoom to put together a script and plan out the entire video.  Some classes have chosen to produce acting videos while others have chosen to produce music videos.

Once the groundwork is complete, the filming will begin!  Our detached portable will be used as our dedicated filming space, the Jr High Videography students will do the filming with Trickster staff available on-line throughout the process to provide instruction, guidance and support.

After the video footage has been shot, the editing process will begin!  The Videography students, under the guidance of Trickster, will do the initial editing. Once they have a workable product put together, the Trickster staff will work their magic and complete the editing process to produce a professional quality video.  By the middle of June our videos will be ready to share with our families.


  • Complete the TWO permission forms for your child in Powerschool.  These forms will give us permission to allow your child to be included in the video performance.

  • Watch for information to come home from your child’s teacher in late April/early May about any special costumes or props they may need for their production.

If you have any questions about the permission forms and the sharing of the finished video, please do not hesitate to call the school and speak to Mrs. Drake 780-954-3790.  It is our hope that every student will be able to participate in this excellent event.

Posted on: February 26th, 2021