School Satisfaction Surveys

Change to the Parent Satisfaction Survey Process

For many years, PHSD has hired short term staff to attempt telephone contact with every parent of students in Pembina Hills Schools.  More than 50% of parents provided feedback to the Satisfaction Survey through this process.

In an attempt to address the shortfalls in the current budget, and in anticipation of a change to the funding framework, the Board has decided to suspend and adjust certain activities.  One of these involves the PHSD Annual Satisfaction Survey.

Instead of a phone call, parents will receive an email inviting them to digitally participate in the Satisfaction Survey.  The email will have a link to the survey associated with the schools their child attends.

We ask parents to watch for this email in January 2020 and that you please take a few minutes to provide your feedback.

The perspectives of parents gathered in this way will continue to inform decisions during planning.

Posted on: January 3rd, 2020