1. Watch the “Letter E” music video. Click here.
  2. Go on a letter hunt outside, or in your home.  Take this sheet with you to record all of the items that you find that begin with the letter you’re working on, or contain that letter. This is a great chance to get creative with your child.  Perhaps you have special detective hats, or a clipboard for your hunts. To extend this activity, take pictures of the items you find and have your child label them, or make a collage with your printed pictures. Add to your collage with Google images that you and your child can search for.
  3. Build the letter and practice saying the sound that it makes.  Remember, some letters have more than onesound.  Get creative! Use wikki sticks, playdoh, or LEGO to form its shape.  Write it in the snow or sand. Write in shaving cream or with bubbles in the tub.  The more memorable, the better!
  4. Learn about that sneaky silent e! In our classroom we refer to the ‘e’ as Magic E.  This is because he JUMPS over the consonant before him, hits the vowel in the head and makes the vowel say their own name.  This concept should be familiar with your child. Practice this with some examples and they can show you, such ascake, poke, ride, cube.
  5. Click on the block for the letter that you’re working on.  This is a fantastic online activity that your child is sure to enjoy.
  6. Make a booklet of all of the letters that your child is struggling to learn.  Each page of the booklet can contain the letter (make it fancy with markers, yarn, glitter etc.) and then pictures cut from magazines that begin with that letter, or the child’s own illustrations. Work together to label the pictures and then staple the pages together to create a book.
  7. How about making a craft to practice letter sounds? Click here for wonderful ideas for learning each letter in the alphabet!