Hi everyone!  My name is Dexter and I am a Registered Service Dog (I even have my own license and registration number with the Canadian Service Dog Association).  I get to come along with my mom, Donna Ward (the school Success Coach), a couple of days of week and hang out in her office.  I am a hypoallergenic dog, so that means that I don’t cause trouble with anyone with allergies. My official title at school is an Emotional Therapy Dog.  Sometimes the kids that come to visit Donna at school seem a little upset, like they’ve been having a bad day. That’s when my job kicks in!  I let the kids pet and snuggle with me a bit (and scratch me behind the ears — I love that part of my job) and that usually cheers them right up!   I love the days when I get to come to school and I love being able to help the kids smile.