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Grade 6


Alberta Education is piloting an interesting new way of learning about careers and technology. The new program of studies is called Career and Technology Foundations or CTF for short.

Click below to watch a couple videos that outline the new program. The videos are from Calgary, where this program was first introduced by Alberta Education.

What is CTF?  http://bcove.me/6fto7ay4

Finding your passion.   http://www.cbectstrategy.ca/ctf-aboutvideos.asp

How will this look at PNCS?

We have divided up the year into 10 project blocks. We will choose a theme based on a career area. Students will use two CTF blocks in the afternoon to create a project of their choice related to the theme.

The project based learning pattern looks like this:

  1. Ask a good question.
  2. Gather information and resources to help you complete your project.
  3. Create something.
  4. Present your project to the community.

What this might look like:

Theme – Agriculture

  1. How does Round-Up Ready Canola work?
  2. Research herbicides, talking to seed retailers, talking to canola producers, research into GMOs, research into jobs that are related to this technology.
  3. Create a web presentation that explains how this works.
  4. Present the web presentation to another grade 9 class in Pembina Hills School Division.

As this is a new curriculum, it will take a while to work out the bugs.

Once we get this working, we are confident that our students will create amazing projects that will give them the opportunity to learn about many possible careers that exist in Alberta today.

If you are willing to share some time with our students talking about your job or helping on a CTF project, please contact Jason Wiks at Jason.Wiks@phrd.ab.ca.